August 29, 2009
I have 2 classes this morning. Afte I finished my class I drove my car to Kemanggisan Street and for visited Wondershoes store. The day before this day, I was browsing the new wondershoes's site after longtime maintenance and I've been falling in love with this shoes. Actually I want to buy 2 pairs, the other with the same color (nude) but made from plastic and they put a cute velvet bow at the center of the shoes. They said if we buy 2 pairs they will give us 1 pair for free, but we can't choose the model. So I just bought one, maybe next time i will buy the other one. Oh and I've seen Diana Rikasari's shoes (she made her own limited design for Wondershoes). It's more expensive than the others models , why i don't buy it even the models of the shoes look cute?Because the materials is to hard for my feet. So I really happy with my choice. My last words "Happy Saturday Nite all"

*with flash

*without flash

What I Wore:

Soft pink raincoat by What.Wear.Daily; Washed Shorts by What.Wear.Daily; Soft Pink Stockings by Boutique Online Shop; Pink Cupcakes Earrings by Diva; Nude Flats by Wondershoes



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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says: the color of those shoes.....kayaknya emang kudu pesen di wondershoes nie...makan berapa lama sih buk?

  2. Kemaren sih daku langsung ke tokonya Lyn ;D
    Tapi muacetnya minta ampun,hehehe
    Kayaknya kalo stock yang dimau ada langsung bakal dikirim deh ;D
    Ada yang desainnya Diana Rikasari juga lho, harganya emang lebih mahal sih tapi bahannya sama aja, sedikit keras kalo lak ^_^

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