July 14, 2009
Since my body getting bigger I think this style is great to follow. I love wearing boyfriend shirt because it's big and comfy. Yesterday I went to Monday Market accompany my brother to search shirt for her first college's day. But I'm not in the mood to search this fashion item too.LOL
So, this thursday I will go back there to accompany my best friend and catch this fashion item. If you just stayed at Jakarta, you can go there and find so many interesting vintage items. Yesterday I've got so many cute shorts, Blazers, blouse and one mini dress made from jeans. Whoaaa!!I'm so exited!!I will post it after this one.
Next hunt on Thursday: Jacket made from jeans, another shorts, leather cropped blazer (I saw it yesterday but I didn't ask the price), another indian's vest, and maybe leather short (I saw it to yesterday but not in my size), leather skirt and washed jeans (I don't care if its in a big size because I want to fix it and make it chic at my tailor). Wish me luck darlaaa ^_^

I love Rihana's shirt and Chloe's shirt look nice too. I saw jeans shirt like Chloe's when I went to Monday market but it's to big for me. Maybe for this hot items I will buy the white shirt, jeans shirt and horizontal shirt like Agy's.



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