July 13, 2009
Since I loved my man classic oxford shoes alot so I took this shoes again to my church for my sunday's outfit. This mini dress isn't a dress but a skirt, i have in 2 colors the other one is darker than this one. For this white classy blouse, I've got it from flea market in my town 10,000rupiahs for 3 items or less than us $1 for 3 items!Yay!I love vintage stuffs. And for this indian's vest that I loved so much and still searching it in another color like darker than this one?
The sad thing is that I failed in my audit subject and it makes me sad and mad because I really want to finish my school, and it takes more time!!arrrgggghhhh!!God help me please.

What I wore?
Vintage white blouse from flea market; Indian vest korean's stuff; Unbranded brown tights; Tailor made volume skirt; F21 earrings; Casio watch; Straw Bag from Africa and Man Classic Oxford Shoes from GIN&Tonic.

Ooopss!Planning for today is hit Monday market with my brother. Can't wait to hunt all of vintage stuffs there, and I will bring alot of money :D



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