June 13, 2009
Today my schedule still hetic as ussual and then so many things to do this day. First i must go to campus for my tax class but when i was in a ride my friend told me that my lecture didn't come so it wasting my time to go there!And then my proposal is wrong so i must edited that proposal in my church, after that i must go to HKBP Asem church to attend their fashion show contest with he theme best dress to go to church and we lost!How come?Maybe the jury never read nylon or teen vouge and never watch fashion TV!hahahaha.It's not about to be the winner or not.It's about the theme and how we walk, we smile and many things that show the modern of Bataknesse youngster when they was going to church. Oh please!Give them tv cable!!hahahaha
After this event, we moved to Cilandak for watching our futsal team. And we won!Yippy!!Tomorrow they will be face Sudirman Team. Hopefully we will be win again in this match :D
And for the dinner time we picked wi2d in fatmawati. hmm..this is my first timw go here and i think the menu is not really special xP

What makes my day colorful?it's because this whole hings but I checked my inbox and found this banner!Huh!I'm far far away in Indonesia and i can't join to this event!!I want to have a picture with Ed Westwick :D
Maybe it will happend someday..Nite..Nite..



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  1. Suzanne says:

    oh my god, i love him!

  2. hohoho..He looks lovely :D

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