June 15, 2009
Lazy to go and lazy to do anything.
I feel so lazy..
So for this post, i need your opinion with this three lil stuff that attracted me.
First one:
Front Side
Left Side
Back Side

Goldy flats as you see the picture below. I love it because the color so shinny and they are flat shoes. I prefet flat shoes from now because it's comfortable and yesterday when i was going back to my car from my church I've got an accident because never wear heels for long time so i fell down by those heels!Lucky me because not so many people seen that!hahahaha. I found this pair of shoes in their blog, but it's to expensive for me so i have a plan to make it (of corse not by my self)hahahaha.

Second one:
Front Side
Right Side

Transparent Glasses!Believe or not from long time ago i always adore this fashion item!Because glasses is not only to make you see clearly but their frame make you look stylish. This glasses only cost 50.000 rupiahs or abour $4.

Third one:
The Gray One
The Black One

Studded Belt!I've been searching this item since a month ago, but never find it that look sophisticated and match with my imagination. So i found this in facebook (local online shop) and they sell it with 2 colors, black and gray. i prefer the gray one because it looks elegant, but black can be combine with many colors so still confuse to choose it. It costs 75.000 rupiahs or less than $7.

I need your opinion for those stuffs because i don't want have a guilty feeling for buying something that can be use it at lease 10 times,hahaha.LOL



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  1. I love those three things. I have just like your transparent glasses, but changed the lenses into dark (Mr. Photographer idea actually). I prefer the shoes since you like flats and they're gold!! and oh, I found a nice studded belt in forever21. I went to Jakarta last weekend.

  2. O ! I think the belt and shoes are worth to buy, you WILL wear those often, and glasses, fabs fabs, transparent glasses are match to every hue in one's outfit :)

  3. @ Emma:Yup, the shoes look good. And love that gold color too :D
    Really?where do you come from?I taught you stay in Jakarta :D

    @ Sarah: Yay!Now I have no guilty feeling to buy those stuffs :D

  4. Jessica says:

    shoes are adorable and the studded belt is cool!!! hahaha..

  5. There is no duty we so underrate as the duty of being happy. By being happy we sow anonymous benefits upon the world.Yours is a wonderful blog! Nice Post!

  6. no olive.. I come from bandung.. hihi.

  7. @Emma:Huuu.. I love Bandung, it looks comfy when I stayed there :D
    And they have a great shoes made store!!hahahaha

    @Jacqueline: Thank you, maybe my blog is not great as the title. i choose it because it looks simple and meaningful :D

    @Jess: Yup, i think it's worth it to buy dear :D Yay!!

  8. suci says:

    i love the glasses... my lil' sister have it too..

  9. wow!Lovly. Is it in the same color?

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