June 12, 2009
What can I say about this day?
It's an amazing day. I felt happy, hungry, angry, exhausted, sad and terible!
Okay, this morn I woke up late because the day before today I just got home at 12am and i'm so tired. I woke up at 8am and got my breakast time late too at 8.30am.huh!
After that I remember that i have an appointment with Domi, my church friend that we will going to Brother's Land to buy a tunic dress for my girls choir in my church. She said that she will be at our meeting point at 11am but what?She didn't give me an update till 1 pm.huh!
Lucky me my brother accompanied me and we had some lil chit-chat about life,hahahaha.LOL
And then I found Domi almost 2pm. So we arrived at Brother's Land at 3pm and this market will be closed at 4pm. WHat??huh!!hetic day!!And i hate it.
I keep staying alive because i skipped my lunch time and I just had a piece of chicken for my lunch!uh!And when we want to go back to he church i've got traffic jam!!!damn!!
Uh!!And after we went back to that church we continued to HKBP Asem Church for GR and when we arrived there I've got an accident that my friend's car got crushed by bajaj!And who drove that car?yes it's me!huh!!!!!!!!!!poor me!so now i must think what should i say to her mom xP
Maybe tomorrow will be my lucky day, I hope so :D

Outfit for today!I just brought his tunic in 3 colors. There is blue, orange and green.

Tunic from my friend; Shorts are handmade just cut my old jeans; Fringe Bag from local ol shop; Bracelets are handmade and a gift; Watch is from Casio; Little bag is a gift from my dad; Converse shoes.

Yay!Yay!Yay!Finally it was here!!My new biker jacket!!

I love the model and the color. Next hunt will be in dark chocolate or in camel color.And it's ceap girls :D



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7 sveet comments

  1. may i know how much is the biker jacket?

  2. Jessica says:

    nice tunic, liph!! and you'll rock with the leather jacket! =))

  3. @Vina:It's about 115.000 rupiahs dear :D and it's not a leather so it's cheap ^_^

    @Jessica:Thanks dear :D

  4. veniArni says:

    hai oliphe! where you boght the leather jacket??
    oh yes, btw visit my new blog! its for my assignment actually, leave a comment,please.. thanks before

  5. I'm sorry Veni, I forgot the name of that ol shop. I bought it from ol shop in facebook dear :D
    I will visit ur blog. Thanks for visiting mine ^_^

  6. atika says:

    hey..tunic-nya beli dmn? brp-an yah?
    eh..eh..kalo uda inget toko leather jacketnya kasi tau yah...
    salam kenal.. :)

  7. Hi juga Atika :D
    Tuniknya beli di temen, mau?
    Harganya 50rb beb :D
    Ada 3 warna lho, ada biru, hijau sama orange.hehehehe
    Sippo, masih blm dapet linknya nii x(

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