June 12, 2009
My local shoes maker web had a contest for their loyal customer. And for the first winner they will give them 5 pairs of their shoes. Now, meet the winner!!The young and talented girl Evita Nuh!Just opened wondershoes site by this morn and found this photo. This girl is so young just 10years old and she has incredible style and loves Anna Wintour alot. Check out her blog and you will fall in love with her style :D



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4 sveet comments

  1. wow! what a talented little girl! can i have link of her blog?
    oh yes btw, please visit our blog and leave us comment. thanks oliphe!

  2. Of corse dear, you can check it on my right side bar. Please check "Love to check out their latest post" her name is Evita Nuh.
    Happy browsing :D
    Or you can click "her blog" in this post. (i put an hiperlink to her blog)

  3. Jessica says:

    yea i saw her on the wondershoe web! =)) i've seen her blog and oh wow i'm in love with the photographs in her blog and also, her many many glasses!! hahaha..

  4. Yup, she is the famous Evita Nuh :D
    She just 10 years old dear.Yup, love her glasses and you know what?this noon i was going to plaza semanggi when i found so many glasses like Evita's.Uh i'm going to buy it soon!hahahaha

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