May 26, 2009
Today is a little bit cold for me and i feel bad x(
Yesterday i don’t have any campus activities but I must go to my campus because I have an ielts from my last semniar and it’s free. But I came late, I tought it was started on 11am, but actually it was 10.30am. Whoaaa!But they said that I can come and they gave me additional time about 10 minutes. I thought it will be fun but hey the vocabulary is so anoyed and in hearing section oh my it’s so fast and so british. Whole of the class end up this test with happy face it’s not because they can do their best in this test, it’s because they don’t know what they wrote in answer sheet. I know my english is terible but I keep trying to lern this language because I know how important this language as a worldwide language :D

Outfit for today:
My brothers stripes t-shirt; ubranded fadded jeans; F21 Earrings; Handmade and a gift from a friend bracelet; Acrylic Necklace; Casio Vintage Watch; Local Shop Fringe Bag and Converse High Keds

After I finished my ielts, I enjoyed my lunch in canteen. After that Gayatri, Grace and me have a plan to go to flea market in Senen. So after our lunch time we went there. Actually this hunting time didn’t go well, the trifted stuff not quite good so I end up with 3 pieces; consist of 1 cropped blazer, 1 satin blouse and 1 vintage cardigan. Maybe next time I will get another cool stuffs from this flea market.
It’s already noon, so we go back to our campus by transjakarta at 4pm.We arrived at 5pm and we seperated to our next destination. I just go back to campus for campus nite meeting but I was late so Mando explained to me all what they talked in that meeting. Rest of the day I just stay at campus nite’s regristration table and waited until my mom pick me up( I’m not a spoiled pricess who must be pick up with my parents but I didn’t bring any car so I went home with my mom, beside that I can save my money, rite?hahaha)

*Attention Please:If you don’t have any agenda for this Thursday please come to my campus event that we called “Campus Nite” in Cloud 9, Jamsostek building, Gatot Subroto. The ticket only 50,000 rupiahs and on the spot 60,000 rupiahs. We will start at 7.30pm and end at 3.00am


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  1. OMG O, the vintage blazer is so nice ! Love it ! hey, if my trip to jakarta is on by the end of June, you should take me to Senen !


  2. Thanks dear :D
    Yup!You should go there!Just tell me when you come here and I will show you the way to get there!
    If you lucky you will get a great stuffs with very cheap prize! Of course it depends on your bargaining skills :D
    We have another flea market like senen, we called it "Pasar Baroe" they sold many kind of vintage stuffs but the place more clean than Senen :D

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