May 26, 2009

Today my class has been canceled so I'm still home now :D
I'm still in front of my notebook because I must finish my assignment now for presentation tomorrow x(

Tadaaa!This how they wraped my stuff :D

But when I was doing this assignment, this stuff come and I'm so exited. Actually i love this stuff they already release their famous stuff like the colorful shawl, you should buy them!And they accept international shipping :D Actually their base in Indonesia but don't worry they can ship worldwide dear. Check out their latest collection!They release many colorful tops, just like i bought white cropped top, I prefer the navy stripes one but It's already sold out and if you gave them additional 5,ooo rupiahs they will give you a cute pin :D
And check out their fringe shawl!I recommended you the sand color but dark blue looks good too :D
additional pin only 5,000 rupiahs
Navy Stripes Cropped Top-->this one what i want but it's already SOLD OUT! x(
This what i Purchased. Can't wait to wear it!!
You can find them on twitter or facebook (in a group) and their personal blog.



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7 sveet comments

  1. cocorosa says:

    whooha I love the tops.. the striped one sold out :( the white one is really really nice too!! <3

  2. I love cotton ink, but the shipping fees to Msia kill ! arghhh :P


  3. @Cocorosa:Yup!I hope they will produce this item again :D

    @Sarah:Yup!I don't know they will use what kind of shipping company but if they sent with Tiki JNE it will cost you about US$11. Maybe you can buy it when you come here xP

  4. yeah O, I cant wait for the June to end, Jakarta trip babyyy :)

    USD11, its a LOT actually, and as a impulse buyer myself, I want to buy moree and moree stuff :P

    Takecare O !

  5. Yep i know it's an expensive cost just for shipping,hahahaha

    It such a natural sense from all girl in this world :D


  6. i asked them several days ago about the international shipping, and it's quite expensive just for the 1 shirt shipping cost, 16$ XD. fitting bajunya gmn? bagus ga?

  7. @Carlaa:Seriously?Bagus kok, cuman saran aku kalo mau beli cropped top beli yang stripes, meskipun sold mereka lagi produksi lagi dan bakal jadi sekitar 3 minggu kedepan :D

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