May 25, 2009
Who is she?I know you know her, but Holly Golightly is the character that made her so famous until now!

I know you will bored with this Breakfast at Tiffany's Things but Who don't love this girl?I just read the novel with the same title but in Bahasa Version because I'm curious about the story. I never watched the movie before and I'm surprised that the novel is very thin but I love the story so much. I love Holly Golightly Character, it's really one of a kind girl. She passed her life with glamour things but she had a bad past life and she merried with a guy who is very old than her (It should be her father) when she just 14 years old!Can you imagine? And why I wrote this post title with Holly Golightly Traveling because she printed her card name with this name (She's got it from Tiffany's) and the reason is because she's not sure can stay in the same place for a long time. And her style, voila!!So gorgeous! I love her simple outfit when She wore a tight black top with a cropped pants and of course a pair of cute ballet flats!
She's just perfect!Look at her hat, that earring, that dress and her body!OMG!!
She an animal lover person but she found this cat near her place and felt pity about this cat so she took it but didn't give a name for that cat.The reason just because she is a liberal person so she want to make this cat to be a liberal cat too,hahaha. Look at her eye mask!It so cute!
Always brought and enjoyed her breakfast in front of Tiffany's store. Reason:Because this store makes her feel happy and comfy!
Holly Golightly Set from Polyvore
Two of her scene in Breakfast at Tiffany's
Look at her siluete, so perfect!For your information, when she was 14 she was a big girl I mean a fat girl and when she was transformed to be a lady she just thin like this pic, what a lucky girl! And look at her shoes!It's not too high not like our trend now with those killed hells :D
Her dress so unique for me and those pearls so classy adn one of a kind because mostly woman always wore necklace focus on her front side, but this young lady lookin fabulous with her backside!Another information that the story od Holly Golightly Traveling was when she just 19 years old.

Now I'm really fallin in love with this character and I really agree that Audrey Hepburn played as Holly Golightly in this movie. Thruman Capote really talented by created this character :D
The famous writer "Truman Capote"
*Picture source:Google


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  1. LT13 says:

    I got the , cassete, VCD and this movie so much...

    specially the cat that named Cat... :D

  2. Yup I know the cat has a name in the movie but when i read the novel Truman Capote wrote that the cat didn't has a name. Truman want to make Marlyn Monroe as Holly Golightly but Paramount choose Audrey Hepburn :D
    Oh, lucky you've got vcd and dvd of this movie, I'm still searching it :D

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