May 25, 2009
Lately I have a distraction about the flowery things, so for this weekend I took my vintage flowery dress from my tailor and wore it as my sunday's outfit. Just fix it to my tailor for make it to be mini dress and the rest of the cloth I used it as belt or headband. By the same day I had a tehnical meeting at HKBP Asem in Cipete for our District Fahion Show Contest. I came late at 2 pm but itwasn't started yet. So we were waiting until the others came. For this tehnical meeting I choose the simple outfit to make me feel comfortable :D
I think we can look cool as Lily Allen for wore keds with a dress,hahaha.This is my brother's Onitsuka Tiger Keds
The rest of the cloth can be used as a tie like this
Or just put it as headband and I took my lace cape to make it glamour and girly
Vintage Flowery Dress:From Senen Market; Tights:unbranded; Headband:from the dress material; Lace Cape:handmade; Earrings:F21; Bracelets:gift and handmade things; Watch:Casio; Shoes:Garage Sale

The rest of the day we just went to Senayan City for enjoy our late lunch because the time already noon (it was 5pm,hahahaha). But we are really have fun. And for real lunch time before we went to that tehnical meeting, We celebrated Stella's birtday in Pizza Hut, Blok M Plaza (why she choosed this place?Because it's near from my church,hahaha). So for the last time I would like to say "Happy birthday my dear Stella, Wish you all the best and blessing from me,hahaha. I mean from The God dear"

Black Top:unbranded; Pants:Local Online Shop;Blue Plaid Shirt:from Senen Market; Bracelet:Gift and handmade things; Watch:Casio; Earrings:Diva; Necklace:Handmade by myself; Bag:Royal Queen Ol Shop; Shoes from Garage Sale



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