May 13, 2009
Today I had auditing practice class and my lecture didn't come!I hate her, because last week she didn't show up in my class too,huh! So I just stay at my canteen on my campus and ate my breakfast, after that I went to Campus Nite Registration Table and stayed there until 1 pm.huh!And When I was staying in Management Audit Class, I'm glad that we didn't need to do our chapter 5 presentation. After I finished my class, me and Gayatri was making a plan to watch a movie in Senayan City, but actually we didn't see a great movie there so we went to Sushi Tei after a month,hahaha.LOL
But I'm concern with my diet schedule so I just ate a lil sushi at that time. After that we went to Sour Sally to buy our dessert and we met Yolanda (She's our friend, we went to the same church everyweek) and take a walk in Debenhams, finally we met her friend that she called Christine. She's so friendly and we doin a lil chit-chat in Starbucks Senci. Me and Gayatri went home earlier because My mom will pick me up in the church at 7pm :D
And now I must study about flowchart for my presentation that will be on tomorrow, uh. I'm so lazy to do it but hey what can I do?I hope she will give me a great score at the end of this semester :D
Aya and Me In Sushi Tei Senci
Another Shoot of us
White Long Sleeve:edc; Pants:Topshop; Off White Sweater:unranded from Bandung; Earrings:F21; Watch:Casio Vinatge; Choco Bag:Gift from My Father and Black Shoes:Retail Therapy.
Side by side
Luv you all,


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  1. sukaaa pantsnya kak .


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