May 14, 2009
I know it's already night but I still have an energy to post what happened with me this day. First of all I want to say thank you to Myako because of this things!You are such a nice girl!hahaha.LOL
Today I had a meeting for campus nite event in my campus. After that at 5pm I went to Senayan City (again and again!) to met Ai, Miyako and Dome. We met at starbucks and doin some chit-chat about fashion show that will be coming in June and for your informtion this event supported by HKBP (which is my church and another HKBP beside mine). And I'm officially to be the stylish for that effent and be an official women for my church choir event that will be coming on July. What a buzy job!hahaha.
We take some picture here!and for your information because Starbucks was celebrating their 7th b'day all customers that bring their own tumbler or mug can get 50% charge for any drinks :D This promo validated until May 18th. So bring your own tumbler for a good environment and get 50% off :D
Olive, Domi and Gayatri in Starbucks Senayan City
Olive, Domi and Gayatri again!
Ai and Myako

After doin some crazy things in Starbucks we moved from Senci to our church in Pati Unus. When we was going down to our parking areas we found Rio Febrian and lucky us because my friend park her car near his car :D My friend Yolanda ask him to take his picture together and this is our photo shoot!Damnnn!!He is so gorgeous!!
Gayatri, Yolanda, Rio Febrian and Me
Rio Febrian with Dome
Yolanda and Rio Febrian

Finally we've got here!Arrived at our church in safe :D and we went to Martabak's outlet to get our dinner. We took "Martabak Telor" and "Martabak Manis" (in Bahasa) its like a creeps but the thick one and they have a special toppings like Cheese or Chocolate even an egg :D The outlet is near from our church so we take a walk to that outlet. We never forget to take our crazy picture!hahaha.LOL, please take a look ^_^
I know that this pose such an Idiot!(Dome and Me)
Me and Aya such a sweet best budd,hahaha.LOL
We are a sweet Pea!hahaha.LOL (Dome and Me again!)
The girl who hit the street
After we come back we still in the mood of narcism and took another crazy photos,hahaha. Everything looks nice this day and I feel happy bout it :D So I never forgot to take my outfit's picture for this day (so sorry because I wore this sweater everyday because I love it so much!!I must buy another color!Such as black, should I?)
White tee:347 in Bandung; Sweater:unbranded from Bandung; Pants:Zara trf; Necklace:handmade by my self; Earrings:F21; Braids hair; Watch:Casio Vintage; Fringe Bag:unbranded and Shoes from Garage Sale.

Luv you all,


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4 sveet comments

  1. Oliphe gereja di HKBP juga? Dimana? Trus HKBP mana yg ngadain acara Fashion Show?? Kapan?? hehe.. cute... ^^

  2. Hany!!Ak greja di HKBP Kebayoran Baru di Jl.Hang Lekiu 3 depannya YPAC,hehehe.Tau?
    Setau aku sih HKB sedistrik Jawa-Kalimantan gitu soalnya baru liat kemaren pamfletnya di greja,huehuehue.Masih lama kok, kalo gak salah tanggal 13 Juni deh di HKBP Jl.Asem tempat lombanya di daerah fatmawati gitu,hehehe.
    Km greja di HKBP mana?

  3. wahhh dunia sempit.. me in HKBP Petukangan.. wah blum nyampe tuh di gereja gw.. hehe... owwhh gtu saudara gw ada tuh di sana, nti i'll ask her... tgl 30 ini gereja gw ngadain MPP guna menyambut patheheon.. dateng yahhh... ^^

  4. Mpp?apaan tuh Han?
    Sejujurnya HKBP Pertukangan dmn aja gw gak tau,hehehe
    Di deket ciledug ya?

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