May 11, 2009
Day 2..
In the early morn, we woke up at 6am and went to Gasibu with Illy's parents. It's near from our hotel but her parents deside to take a traditional vehicle (we called it "Becak" in Bahasa, It's a cart with 3 wheels and It so Indonesian stuffs). Gasibu is like a big flea market in Bandung. They sell almost anything, from the vintage stuffs, accessories until foods. I found a cute lather cuff here and a cute necklace that made from real wolf fur (I know it bad to buy the real one, I'm very sorry but I bought the small one and never do that again). Because I don't feel free there, I told to Illy to said to their parents that We can go back to the hotel by our self so they didn't need to wait for us. We kept walkin around that areas and it's a big land. After 1 and a half hours we decide on take a breakfast with Chicken Noodle (I know it's quite heavy for the breakfast time,hahaha.LOL) and We found Zupa-Zupa soup only 7,000 rupiahs (it's like less that $1) but we didn't try it. You must go to this event if you are stayed until sunday because they do this event only in Sunday. They sell many vintage stuff and I found 2 see trough cropped top only for 5,000 rupiahs (it's like 50 cents).Lucky me,hahaha.
This photo taken when we was in the "Becak" what a freaky face!hahaha
This is me when we was eating our breakfast in Gasibu

Go back to hotel by our foots and we did our foot steps photo shoot,hahaha.LOL

Afer the breakfast time we went back to our hotel by foots and it's fun because we took a view photos, sorry if it looks silly,hahaha.LOL. After we take a bath we moved to 347 again and doin our last shopping time, I bought a nice boyish t-shirt for my brother, again :D and help Illy's brother to pick his t-shirt. That store growing up alot since I never go back to this city again after 2 years,hahaha. And i love their new packaging, they wrap our t-shirt in a nice box and that box is useable and can be used again as tissue box what a creative idea, rite?And the shop keeper is so gorgeous,hahaha.I know from my cousin that a shop keeper in that store is a college student as mine and they look cute,hahaha :D
After finished our shopping time, we took our photos together. What a kewl family :D

My hunted stuffs from Bandung.I've got off white big sweter, Balboa and 347 t-shirt for my Brother; 2 vintage top from Gasibu, 2 black headband from Gasibu (I have a plan to made it as bow headband for my next project), Wolf Fur Necklace and Red Cuff from Gasibu and the las one is Pride and Prejudice's vcd from Carefour when I was waiting my driver to pick me up there. *Check out the orange box, tha's what i told you about 347 t-shirt packaging and we can use it as tissue box :D
Lunch time..
This is our last minutes in Bandung, we went to our last destination to enjoy our lunch time in Naripan Street, we ate Noodle (again and again,hahaha.LOL). We had a plan to go to ABC Street but we didn't have enough time(from my friends information they sell a vintage glasses there and it's cheap specially in a weekday and a lil bit expensive in weekend), maybe next time we come back here we will go to that street.

My outfit when I've got to go back to Jakarta. Soft pink blouse:Adidas; Black shorts:unbranded; Off white sweater:my hunted stuff from Bandung; Red cuff: handmade stuff from Gasibu, Bandung; Fringe Bag:Royal Queen Ol Shop; Black flip-flop: Ando from Illy and Big Black Bag:unbranded from Spore

So this is the end of the story of my fast trip to Bandung. Now I must concern about my studies and begging my mom to give me another shoot to prove my quality in Accounting,hahaha.LOL.
And I can't wait for the next holiday to Bangka!Wish me luck dear, I will go next week and stayed there for 5 days :D

Luv you all,


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  1. Cha says:

    i really want go to Bangka!!
    ah how lucky you..
    let me know when you start ur journey.


  2. Same with me Cha :D
    I will dear.
    Maybe I will go by next week, can't wait it.
    I'm so excited :)



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