May 11, 2009
Day 1..
Okay, this is my first trip with my bff Illy's family. I never went with my friend's family before :D You should meet her family. It's so kewl (we called it 'gokil' in Bahasa), specially her father that is not a common father, always cheer up the situation and make you laugh in every single time. So I went to Bandung last saturday for 2 days and a night, you should see my bag (it's to big for 2 days trip,hahaha.LOL) I tought we will go to the church is Sunday morn and i brought more clothes. In Friday I went to Illy's house after pick up her boyfriend in his campus.We went to Bandung in the Satuday morn at 06.30am and arrived there at 08.30 (it takes 2 hours on the way there). First destination is "Rumah Mode" at Setia Budi Street, we've got there at 08.45am and that store opened at 9am, isn't it to fast to go shop?hahaha.LOL

Our fisrt outfit. Finally I took this off white sweater as mine and Illy is definitely take both of them

I didn't on the mood to shop, because I want to keep my money for the next destination. Yep, I have a plan to go to Bangka with my cousin. Bangka is the nice place because we can see the great view and the blue ocean just like Bali but Bangka is more private,hahaha.LOL.Finally I just help my BFF Illy to find some of clothes for our next big efent "Campus Nite".She really hear my opinion before try some clothes so I just bought this off white sweater. They had a great collection of sweater, but the greater one is tis sweater that I bought :D

Our second outfit, really like this little black dress but I didn't take it and i regret about it. hahaha.LOL

Lunch time..
Nest destination is Illy's cousin house. For Family Gathering (It sounds like "Arisan" in Bahasa). I'm not comfortable with it because I don't want to disturb this family event, buy hey I met her cousin her name is Echa and She's a college student just like me and She went to IBT majoring in Art department, this is her fisrt year. I'm glad that I met her. She's really nice and I love her passion in art, I tought she's really talented :D But I forgot to take a photo with her x(

In the afternoon we went to Riau Street for another shopping time. I found a cute sandals in little store there but The didn't have in my size, huh!Really sad because I want it badly! But i want to check out their online site, maybe they produce that sandals again and I will buy it! :D
After we finished that shopping time, We was hungry and went to Bumbu Desa Restaurant (They reserve Indonesian cuisine) because Illy's mother was sick and want to eat a soup and they provide Gurame Soup(It's a catfish that lived at trout), you should try on because it so delicioso :D
After that we went to 347 (It's a distro or local shop in there that sell t-shirt, jeans, tracker hat, even cameras with their own brand. For the clothes they produced by them self and I just know that afther 10 years they changed their name to be Uncle 347 and develop their store to Malaysia, Singapore and Aussie.What a surprise :D) But when we arrived there, they was closing down their store so we try another store near that store. And i found The Balboa t-shirt for my brother (Balboa is from Ricky Balboa the famous boxer ever). After this moment we go back to our hotel in Dago Street and when We was on the way to our hotel we found some of the Bandung's teenager just singing on the street and asking for some money, i didn't now for sure their purpose but it looks fun and a lil bit freaky!hahaha.After we arrived at our hotel, me and Illy just changed our clothes and take a view photos :D
Our funny photos in our room, someone told me that we have a similar face,hahaha
My outfit that nite. Printed long sleeve:Monik; Black shorts:unbranded from local ol shop; Digicam:Olympus; Fringe Bag:Royal Queen Online Shop; Black flip-flop:Ando from Illy xP

Luv you all,


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