April 25, 2009
This is my 100 posts!Yay!And today i had alot of stuffs to post in this blog!Don't forget to comment my new necklace collection, actually it's only 1 (th necklace in pink bow and 2 gold coins).
Today i went to my campus for my tax exam, it's quite difficult when they want us to fulfill the tax form and this thing make me crazy,hahaha. But I love this day because I went to a big event in my town, they called it "Inacraft 2009" (in bahasa). I didn't get something!It's only a teddy bear pen and a blue obi, just like my photo below! But I've got alot of things today like my pink envelope clutch, dark brown fringe bag and classy handmade necklace made by my friend.

What I've got today
I've got it from Royal Queen in their multiply accounts
Necklaces Day
*sorry for my bad edited skill
My Outfit for Today
White top:unbranded; Plaid cropped blazer:unbranded from itc mangduw; Highwaist Pants:Topshop; Earrings:F21; Watch:Casio Vintage; Necklace:Handmade by my self; Bag:Ciciero bag; Shoes:Retail Therapy
What I've made
Test Drive:My new shocking pink necklace, what do you think?
What I bought
Handmade necklace by my friend's Ismel
Luv you all,


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6 sveet comments

  1. i love the pink envelope oversized clutch there.. mau alamat webnya doonnkkk... thx...

  2. cocorosa says:

    I love love love your friends handmade necklace!! oh and those purses are amazing :) xoxo

  3. @Sally:thanks darl :D They sell in two colors, pink with black list as mine and black with pink list. I will give you their web address and post it in your blog xP

  4. @Cocorosa:Yep, I love it too :D That's why i bought it from my friend,hehehe.LOL
    Thank you Coco xP

  5. Jessica says:

    hoaaah kalung2 nya bagus bagus!! di jual secara online ngak? =)

  6. @Jessica:Yup, ada di account fb aku.Tapi kalo mau mesen yang ada di blog aku langsung email aja yaa,hehehe
    Thank you for visiting my blog dear xP

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