April 25, 2009
Lately, I'm fallin in love with a clutch. For this week I've buy one envelope pink clutch and on the way to my home now :D
Now I'm confuse between this two gorgeous clutch. Which one I should buy? The Gray Snake Skin Clutch or the red one? I love the gray one because snake skin is on the air now, I mean it's still a trend, rite?(Actually it's not a real snake skin, I'm an animal lover girls) And I love the red one because it's abig clutch, bigger than The Gray one and I never had a red cutch even a red bag. Okay, maybe I will buy both of them but which one I should by first?Please help me :D

Luv you all,


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4 sveet comments

  1. thnk god the snake skin isnt real. im a veg head [: i do like it though i feel like you can put it with just about any outfit.

  2. Thanks for your opinion dear :D

  3. i love the red leopard print... it really stands you out... :)

  4. Thanks Sally for your opinion. I think i must buy the leopard print first :D

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