April 26, 2009
Happy Sunday Everyone!
Today after I went to the church by this morn, I went to Mangga Dua with my mom. I want to buy many kind of my diy project. I have a plan to make an ombre tights by my self, so I bought plain tights in white color. I also got a cute black top and zipper skirt in dark blue, I will post it letter when I wear that outfit :D
Owh, because I bought so many of tights they gave me in a reduce price. They're so kind :D So, if you want to buy any color of tights just send me and email and I will give you the details xP
Sst..the price is under 50,000 rupiahs. Of course it's in a good quality, this tights with 120 denier.

Black stripes top: thrifted from ps.senen; black high waist short:local ol shop; brown bag:local ol shop; Watch:Casio Vintage; Necklace:handmade by Ismel; Black flip-flops: Ando (local brand and it's realy cheap and comfy)
Luv you all,


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  1. lucille says:

    Hey nice blog ! I LIKE YOUR OUTFITS !

  2. @Agy-online : Thanks darl :D

    @Lucille : Thank you darla xP. I like ur blog to, specially the glasses. Even I don't know what you've wrote (I can't speak France) but I love you picture :D

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