April 27, 2009
Do you follow this trend?

I love to wore a skirt lately, and I would diw for this bandage skirt specially the Herve Leger' design! For my fist wish list I must have in Black color, and try to make a lime green as we can see in picture below. I can't afford this expensive skirt, but I can ask my tailor to made it for me. I know it's not a new trend, but I think this bandage skirt still look lovely more than that tight dress :D
So prepare yourself girls and try to catch up so many mini and tight skirt.And don't forget to do some work out!For this one you must have more effort to look good when wear all this things xP
I saw the skirt in mangduw yesterday, but it's not a tight skirt. It looks more like ballon skirt from Topshop but with a lime green color just like this one xP

Look their body look gorgeous!With this Herve Leger Dress or Skirt you must have a great body. Time to do my diet chart and make my body's shape with some work-out.
The Herve Leger Dress wore by Mischa Barton. Mischa has a great body so with this dress she looks gorgeous as always :D I love the color mix, so fabulous. Herve Leger is a genius man!
The Runway of Herve Leger in Spring 2009
Photo source:Googling; Tinypic; Flickr
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  1. lucille says:

    I love hervé leger !

  2. @Lucille: Me too!the design so fabulous! :D

  3. i love bondage dresses/skirts. they are like all i wear now. im so in love with rihannas green skirt. yum!

  4. @WildNTheStreets: Yup, that lime skirt looks yummy. They really know the great color for attract all the girls to buy it :D

  5. those skirts are simply SO in fashion now!

  6. those are cuties harve leger spring 2009 collection. love it..

  7. @Inggrid:thanks for visit my blog dear :D
    Yup, it's so simple, sexy and comfortable.

  8. @Casual Cutie:Yup, they're look lovely darl. Thanks for cisit my blog :D

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