April 7, 2009
I know it's kinda overloaded post,hahaha. It's too much for one day, right? So I'm free today, actually I had english private this afternoon but my teacher didn't come, even I'm really in a good mood for practice my english. So before he came, I went to Ps.Mayestik (Mayestik traditional market); it's a traditional market in my town, but for the traditional market this place is quite expensive. But i must go because i have orders from my customer to painted some white keds. And i bought 2 pairs of white shoes and satin fabrics with black and broken white color.
Oh, and today i just finished my to do list. First i met my friend's Endy to took back my necklace and then I bought a feed for my fish and finally I went to BCA (local bank in my town) to print out this month transactions.I played and took some photos with all my stuffs. Please take a look and enjoy it!

This is a two pairs of my white shoes. My customer want me to paint this shoes with powerpuff girls pic. I will post the result letter :D
My lovely satin fabrics, got it with reduce price. It's really cheap, only 20,000 rupiahs (less than $2) per-meter. I bought in two colors, there are black and broken white :D I mixed it and took a picture for made that fabric into big mix bow. Any comment?
The last pic, still from the satin fabrics; but I made it into cute headband,hahaha.I know it sounds crazy, but yup you know me well,hahaha.LOL. Feel free to make a comment please..



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2 sveet comments

  1. venia says:

    aku juga suka ke mayestik looh.. hihihii..
    itu sepatunya mau kamu gambar sendiri?
    eh eh mampir ke blohg aku deh aku jual beberapa heels sma ankle boots.. thx..

  2. Aku juga suka :D
    Iya, digambar sendiri.hehehe
    Iseng2 aja kalo gak ada kerjaan, ya gambar di sepatu deh.Lumayan hasilnya buat nambah2 uang jajan,hehehe
    Oke, nanti aku mampir.

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