April 4, 2009
Yay!!It's saturday!I have a class in this morning, I have tax class, but I enjoyed it, coz my lecture so awesome!I know for sure what He told about, and somebody told me that he is a good person and he will give you a great score! Lucky me to get him as my tax lecture. This some of my outfit today. Remember my post about Urban Syal?Yep, I wore it today for my campus outfit and made some experience about how to wear this fabulous syal :D
It can be a fantastic cardigan.
Or a fabulous top.
Hmm..Maybe a cute tube top.
This is my fave for turning this shawl to be a big bow!
Tee:MagicHappens; Pants:Topshop; Shawl:Cotton.Ink
Earrings:Forever21; Watch:HelloKitty stuff; Bag:LovebugLovebag
Orange bag:TGA bookstore; Shoes:Kimmyshoe
Make it simple by wore it as shawl or it looks like a necklace.



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2 sveet comments

  1. ruth says:

    oliivvee, kayak baca majalah deh baca blog kamu hahaha..bagus bagus. keep on blogging yaa :)

  2. Masa sih The?hehehe
    Terlalu banyak gambar yaa?hahaha

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