April 3, 2009
Today is my free time, but I must go to my campus for attended "trouble shooting and virus" seminar. I tought it will boring but then i realized it's so cool. I love all about computer because we can browsing, blogging, chatting, and many things to do with this technology. Can't live without it, right? Beside that I had virus on my notebook and I need to know how to repair my lovely black notebook :D
Best pose of us,hahahaha.
My bff looks like the man from the jungle, right?hahaha.LOL.peace sister :D
This necklace made by me, pleace check out my facebook account to find it,hehehe
This is some of my outfit, and when this seminar started, me and my bff was catching some of our cool picture.Uh I must tell my mom to buy me Blackberry!hahaha.
Serious face of mine when I read a magazine.Fashion is my soul!hahaha
Side pose. Am I too big?It's time for me to do a diet list!hahaha
I don;t know why but my looks to "Eeewww!"hahaha.
I bought the latest issue of Girlfriend, Indonesia magazine. I love the cover (Demi Lovato), love her style and i will post her as my "it girl issue"
White top:random brand; Blue Plaid Shirt:from ps.Senen; Jeans:Topshop
Necklace:selfmade; Watch:Casio Vintage; Earrings:Forever21
Bag:LovebugLovebag site
My best pose!hahaha.Kidding, but I like my face in this pic (hmm..it sound my narcism is coming out now!)
So sorry for the picture, I know it's to many for one outfit. I like for taking picture, but never had so much time to edited it with my photoshop skill, maybe next time i will edit this photo and make it two by two :D


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