April 22, 2009
Photoshoot for Vogue Nippon(Japan edition) September Edition

Luv you all,


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  1. Wina says:

    heyy olive!! the problem's fixed, otherwise i won't be able to comment on ur blog! =D so..great! more cute necklaces coming?

    gw jg pgn updateeee dah gatel ni jari but no time cos of exams hehe plg tulis comment aja. take care!!

  2. omg your fucking awesome. iekeleine is my favorite model i love her style her awkward look everything is amazngg.

  3. great blog, i'm adding you nowww ;) great editorial, iekeleine is very versatile!

    channy ;P

  4. To Blanquita:Thanks darl :D

    To Wina: Finally :D
    Yup, The cute necklaces will coming, but now I must focus on my mid exams. We're in the same situation :D Good luck for your exams dear. Take care xP

    To WildNTheStreets : Thank you so much darl, it such an honor to me :D Yup, because She's a great style I post her to be my fave model.Thanks for visiting my blog xP

    To Fashionbox :Thanks darl.I know she's very versatile than any models except Agyness because I love her style too :D



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