April 23, 2009
Today is my 3th day of free time. I'm not go to my campus because this week is full of mid exams, but i don't have any exam today so I'm still stay at home. When I was browsing this morn, i found this gorgeous site and check their collection. I took their SPRING-SUMMER 2009 collections and post it to my blog. Their took a blurry picture but the details still good. I really amazed with their collections. It's just simple cutting, colorful and gorgeous!Take alook their site here!

Luv you all,


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5 sveet comments

  1. Carlotta says:

    such lovely dresses!! mustard yellow is hot next summer great find :))

  2. Well, actualy, he's not my fiance, but just my boyfriend. I like all those outfits, but I really like the first one. Thanks for the comment =)

    kind regards!!

  3. To Carlotta : Yup mustard look yummy!hahaha.LOL

    To Blanquita: Sorry, I thought he's your fiance. Ur welcome dear :D

  4. i love it! i'm going to check it out now!
    simplicity kills ;)

    channy :P

  5. To Channy: Yup!You should check this site :D

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