April 21, 2009
Fabulous Gang!hahaha
Iekeliene For Topshop Ads
Iekeliene For Topshop Ads
After of Before Fashion Show
Her Colorful Style
Random outfits from Iekeliene
Iekeliene Stange in Vogue and Russh Magazines
Luv you all,


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10 sveet comments

  1. drollgirl says:

    wow!! she has about a zillion different looks. cool!

  2. Yup!It's only a small part of his street style :D
    Thank u for following my blog dear.

  3. Emz says:

    Because she's absolutely fabulous!!

  4. You right darl, She's great. I think only her and Agyness Deyn that have a colorful style like that. Thank you for commin babe xP

  5. cocorosa says:

    love love love her looks! xoxo

  6. She's gorgeous. SO versatile, as well.

  7. To Coco: Yup!She's lovely! :D

  8. To Maverick Malone: I agree with ypu, she's gorgeous, fabulous and outstanding. One of a kind typical model xP

  9. Vanessa says:

    i love her, she's one my favorite models!

  10. To Vanessa: She's my fave too :D
    Thanks for visiting my blog dear :D

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