August 12, 2012

Happy Sunday world :)

Finally I've shorten my hair a few weeks ago
I feel my hair lack of shine and look dull after my short trip to the beach
Actually I cut my hair as similar as Shini Park (big fan of her) and found really happy when i see the result

Just back to radar, wearing make up trying to look effortless but also classy in the same time
Last day I feeling blue, It's not my mood but just have a mind to wear anything in blue
Since my asks collar tips has arrived on last friday, 
I have a risk to mix and match it with what I have on my closet

dark blue abstract top by puzzle huzzle//blue stone collar tips by asos//
little black bag by aldo//platform heels by argyle&oxford//random accessories

Last week I ordered some pieces from my friend
We went to the same collage and now she has a clothing line (envy)
I have my eyes for some cute shapes and finally order some
At this post I wear one of her pieces, the top that has a beautiful pattern and color
If you are looking for basic things with simple cutting just have a look,
maybe you will love it :)
Here's their site

Anyway, I don't know how bad the weather lately in your place
But mine, people around me seems getting a virus or something
So please watch out and be careful, drink so much water and eat come vitamins
My brother just got to hospital because of this virus, I hope he can come back very soon
miss yaa..

To tired to recap all beautiful things that happened on last weekend
Will make more post very soon..

XO. Olive


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