August 7, 2012

How's your days fellas?
I've been drowning to my work lately, so I'm quite not tweet too much
but still looking forward for fashion flash news and a few things of my interest

Since my busy week I just spent my weekends with meet an old friend
and went to the cinema with my church's friends
I'm quite being a nice girl who loves to stay at home lately
Just for make up my mind and safe my energy

Anyway I have a goal to diet
Not just an ordinary diet but trying to reduce my habit of eating a lot of sugar
suddenly people around me getting sick, specially around my senior's relatives at my office
This short of things make me concern more about my healthiness

Eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly will be help
But that's not much, sometimes we must control our emotion
That's why i love being people who has a positive minds
Not someone who loves to judge of complain
because a bad energy can effect us my writing seems out of the decryption of those pictures above,hehe
I've got a package last week and two frankie magazines from my high school friend
that come back from aussie about a month ago

The one with a small cute wrap is local magazine called Fur Magazine
I know this magazine about a long time but never had a chance to have a copy of it
Thank's God one of a famous social media lead me to know a man behind this amazing zine
Speaking about this person, i will write about it more leter

The main idea of this edition of fur zine is passion
and i can't wait to read it!
It's arrived last friday but I just have a chance to open the wrapping today,huhu

I'm quite addicted to collect some magazine
Most of them because i love it like frankie magazine and lula magazine
but some of them because of their content

For Frankie and Lula magazine is a must!
Their every single edition is a work of piece
Because i already asked my friend to buy this two edition of frankie
I must say that I passed Lula magazine for this month
(still searching for a content of the last edition, hoping there will be on sale on a bookstore in my town)

So enjoy the pictures below
I do some snapshoots about this fur and two editions of frankie

Have a good dream and good night


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