June 4, 2012

Stay at home and not feeling well for today. Anyway it seems my body gives some feedback about diet that I've been doing until this minutes. So even I'm not feeling really well i must making my own lunch because it's a special menu,lol. All things that i eat must be sugar free and salt free, that's how the diet works. Ah also it would be better if i can do exercise like take a fast walk for at least 30 minutes.

My lunch menu as we see from this picture is steamed chicken with a pinch of usalted butter, yellow ginger and a few slices of mushroom. I would say it will be tasty if you add soya sauce and so on but how can i do that? i can't eat tasty food right now but the broth that coming trough from that chicken will give you another anergy for your body. Just sprinkle some chives as a garnish :)

Don't you think June is a very good month? Why? Because it's a long holiday for all students. I can't help with any holiday temptation specially if the invitation coming from my big family, huh. I wish i have more time right now

XO. Olive


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