July 30, 2011

Yesterday i visited an exhibition by Trisakti UNI art department. They held this event from monday to friday.
Also make a workshop about photography, I'm dying to join with them but it's on office hours so i can't beat it. As we seen from the pictures above that they are very talented, most of them making al of this stuffs for their final project to get a degree. If you go there you will see a tool to make a batik for a child, it's very safety and not like canting (traditional tool to make a batik pattern) that's really hot and will hurt your hands. I wish my brother see this exhibition too because there is so many pictures that drawn by hands about interior design that will inspiring him. After all i will say that this exhibition very cool and drop my tears after seeing vegetables ranger and Timun Mas booklet, its already proved that some of us still thinking how to return the children of this country that grown up with bad attitude because of the television or something that influnce them but not appropiate for their age.


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  1. it must be fun


  2. Olivia says:

    have a nice day too :)

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