December 31, 2010

Hark how the bells, sweet silver bells,
all seem to say, throw cares away
Christmas is here, bringing good cheer,
to young and old, meek and the bold,

Oh how they pound, raising the sound,
o'er hill and dale, telling their tale,
Gaily they ring while people sing
songs of good cheer, Christmas is here,

Me and Mommy on Christmas Eve

What I Wore:
Velvet Signature Maxi Dress by Nikicio//Sailor Wedges in Black by Shoeizme//
Studded Clutch by Ciciero// Accessories by Forever 21, Chomel and gift from a friend

Sunday outfit inspired by Ugly Betty
What I Wore:
Tribal Poncho by local onlinestore//Black Pants by Cheapmonday//
Lizard Canvas Bag by UTEE2010//Sailor Wedges in Black by Shoeizme//
Random Accessories and self made braids hair on the left side

Special Outfit for Christmas Day
What I Wore:
Creme Sheer Dress (special gift from Mom)//Unbranded Tights//
Lizard Canvas Bag by UTEE2010//Sling strap heels by Djody//
Random Accessories and self made braids hair on the left side

 Detail for Shoes, Bag and Accessories

Me, Mom and Brother on Christmas Day

Family Gathering

Merry, merry, merry, merry Christmas,
On on they send , on without end,
their joyful tone to every home
Dong Ding dong ding, dong Dong

Girls on Christmas Day edited by Nancy

My favorite song in Christmas is Carol of The Bells
Things that I love for this day Christmas Cake, Mistletoe, Porky meals,
Family gathering, a thousand of pictures, Christmas Tree, Christmas Diner,
Family Photo, Anniversary of Mom and Dad

Tomorrow will be a new day, a new year
a new list of goals
So lets forgot all the bad things that happened in 2010
Be prepared for the upcoming 2011
Remember the good things and release your anger from 2010

New hopes, new spirit, new us
Never think negative, always be a positive person
Believe that 2011 will be yours!



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