December 24, 2010
Christmas is all that I've been waiting for every year.
Do you already have planning for tonight?
Family gathering will be nice for this precious day.

I think not only me that too excited about upcoming Christmas, but also people around my circle.
Specially the girl who is very excited making a Christmas Dinner with all the girls that related to us.
We choosed Pand'Or as the place for the delightful evening.

They decorated the place so well. They have the red Christmas tree, 
Christmas ornament on the window, Christmas cakes and the white furnitures.
It's a great choice for Christmas Dinner with a friends or with your family and a really great place to take a picture together :) 

I thought this place only serve desserts but I found that I'm totally wrong
They have such amazing main course that will build your appetite
Do have a look some main course that we ordered

I choose Chicken Wiener
because it contains with fried potatoes which is carbohydrate, fruit salad which is very health and the chicken winier it self because it's healty too and better than red meat
This meals really satisfy my desire to eat, it's worth to try :)

There is a plenty of our pictures when we were there
But honestly I'm too concern with the food and didn't take a picture of us
Just waiting for a friend to upload our pictures that night
and as soon as I can I will upload those pictures in this blog

"Merry Christmas Everyone.."

what I wore that day:
Black ciffon drappery top by (x) sml//black fitted pants by cheapmonday
Black tassel bag by picnic//Black sailor wedges by shoeizme
Jewelry by forever 21 and chomel


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6 sveet comments

  1. SassyGirl says:

    The restaurant looks very festive. Happy holidays!

  2. Loving the bag! Happy Holidays!!!

  3. i love your blog,and your outfit.
    and its so yummmy chicken wiener hihi.anyway please visit my blog
    and follow back thankyou

  4. Olive says:

    Thank you guys :)
    Happy Holiday...

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