November 25, 2010
Now I'm ready to share my story about my little trip to Yogyakarta. First I still confuse about how we call that city, is it Yogyakarta or Jogjakarta. So my flight was the first flight in that day, 6am and i arrived at 7am. Fist place to go is malioboro for search a room. I was going there with my friends, so it's just three of us. I stayed at a room in Dagen street, we only needs about 5-10 minutes to reach Malioboro street. Actually I have auty who lived in this city but for my first day i just want to stay at Malioboro to see whan can I get from this area.
Vredeburg Forterss // South Plaza

So after all this area was the biggest and the fave of tourists who has a vacation here. All you can find here is "batik" means dots, in bahasa "banyak titik". If you want to buy some souvenirs you can find it here. Go thru for Malioboro street and you will find Ahmad Yani street and that's where an old building has been standing named Bringharjo Market. This building quite big, i mean very long building. The first building is selling batik stuffs like bags and clothes, the second building is selling wedding's souvenirs and then the last one is selling haousehold stuffs.
But be careful, if you want to buy something here just bargain the price about 70% lower than they asked because most of them will give you a high price even it's not worth it with the cost of the stuffs.
If you are lazy to do bargain things just go to "Mirota Batik" next to Bringharjo Market. It's like a mall, they give you a fixed price and it's not really expensive also they sell so many things not only butik stuffs, you can find toys made from wood, bags made from "ratan" and so many handcraft. Next of Pasar Bringharjo you can find "benteng" was builted when netherland stayed in our country, accros this "benteng" we will see president's palace, it's too bad that it's not open for public because what i see it's very traditional and old building, so interesting!

Day 2..
Gazebo inside the Palace

I visited "Kraton Yogyakarta" it's a palace for Yogyakarta's Sultan and also I visited Water Palace (it's the place for princess to take a bath but they didn't use it anymore) After keraton Yogyakarta I visited Affandi's Museum, he's a painter a very good one. In his gallery I found his painting but it's too bad that one of his gallery was closed because it's been repair. You can also see his daughter's painting in the next building. Her name is Rukmini and they sell her painting. Her painting is just like her father. They never use a "kuas" they paint directly from the tube or used their finger. I'm not really an artisy person but everytime i see painting it feels relieve, It makes me have a fresh idea and it calm my soul. My advise, If you wanna to go to all museum in this city just wake up early because they open at 8 or 9am then close at 2 or 3pm and it's hard to stay only one hour in each place because all of them are too beautiful.

Jogjakarta Palace include the museum//Water Palace Taman Sari

Day 3..
I do some research before I came there and found some ratan and leather workshop in Bantul so my cousin really kind to show me the way to that place. If you want to go to Bantul please make sure you rent a car or a motorcycle because there is no public transportation here, actually they have but it's hard to find the address so rent a vihicle is the best option. My cousin took me to leather workshop and I've got two bags from there. They make it from a cow skin, very soft and cute. She just help her friend to sell it and it was good. Then we moved to "ratan" workshop. It's amazing! It's just a small hall and i can see anykind of stuffs from the lather material, the ratan, sewing machine and some woman sitting on the floor and "menganyam" those ratan. They have a great stuffs, they didn't sell it in here except for exhibition. They sent it for export. WoW!

rattan workshop at Bantul

Day 4..
Just stay at my aunty's house packing and ready to go home. I'm happy for my short trip and happy to meet my family again. Here's some of stuffs that i get from my little trip.
Bags, clothes, bracelets, slippers, dream catcher, bussiness cards from some workshops and museum tickets. Oh I felt happy to find some dream catchers there because i really want it so bad, i think the shape was unique beside the fact that this thing can relieve you from bad dreams :)

tickets and bills

When I was there, this is the best pieces that I can get for myself. All about clothes because that what the best pieces from that town beside the great culinary. The last dress on the left, actually it's not a dress but top and saroong with the same pattern.
I got the same clothes as my friend, we bought together because it's too cute to be seen. It's formal and traditional, oh I love Indonesia because so many traditional things that make me proud about it so if I meet people from another country I can share something about Indonesia. I can't wait for another plan to visit another town in Indonesia, still thinking about the next destination and who's gonna company me :)
three different kinds of batik

After my visited to Jogjakarta, something bad happened. As we know mount Merapi was exploded even my aunty's house that 20km from that mount got an impact. She and her family must moved to another place for the view days. Thanks God that nothing happened to them, they said that they are fine. I just hope this disaster will be finished soon, I can't stand anymore to see anythings bad happen to this country again.
Let's pray for the best. Big thanks to my cousin who's really kind to acompany me see her town :)
batik shawl and some books that I bought
I've got something from my tax classmate that sent her parent back to Jogjakarta after the disaster was over. She gave me this batik shawl in green color, not only me but also another 2 friends. Thanks Bu :) 
Last book that I bought yester day to improve my writing and trying to relax. Next hunt 1001 Dreams, maybe this book will give me an impretetation about dreams xP
After this little vacation, I feel "batik" is amazing pieces and everytime i look stuffs made from this fabric I will be buy it even people around me feel it's boring. Because this is one from a thousand traditional things that make me pround to be Indonesian I will definitely conserve it. From the last Indo Craft, I bought this "batik" cape and I saw blue batik fabric in my wardrobe, so I make exactly the same model as I bought in Indo Craft.
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