November 23, 2010
Day 6 of Jakarta Fashion Week "The Style Makers"

So when I'm on my long queue for the ESMOD Show, I saw my twitter and got some updates from Jakarta Fashion Week's twitter account. They wrote that they still have som tickets for The Style Maker, the last show at Nov 11th 2010. I registered and they sent me the ticket by email and it happened really fast. I was happy to get that ticket and the traffic really help me. I only needs about 30 minutes from my home to Pasific Place where the show was held.
Andreas Odang and Chossy Lattu
Eny Ming
Denny Wirawan

There was 6 designers who join this show. There are Andreas Odang, Billy Tjong, Carmanita, Chossy Lattu, Deni Wirawan, Eny Ming, Itang Yunasz. My favourites are Deni Wirawan and Carmanita. As we know Carmanita always put the traditional pattern on her collections so in this time she does the same way
but now she combine with ciffon. The jacket even the bag so amazing! For Deni Wirawan as we know He always outstanding! Now he's got inspired by Asian specially from Nepal so the stuffs was colorful, big and i love the layering even we don't have winter season in this town.

Saroong turned to be a halter dress belongs to my Mom//black blazer//grey skinny belt by Charles&Keith
Square earrings by diva//Studded Clutch by Ciciero//unbranded black tights//black platform by djody's
After the Show with Nancy from "Between Dreams and Reality"

Do you know that my tax classes already over!Yay! Even i think I already missed it. The class, the people inside them. Our trip after the class, our chit-chat. Oh tell me that I'm going crazy now. Sometimes the class was boring and sometimes i felt sleepy during the lesson but I always excited when the exam wa begin, so many things that I don't know before I took the class and i feel tax things are amazing and i want it to be one of my future. Please Olive just wrap that things and finish your thesis *just talking to myself,LOL. Have a nice day readers and I just hope I can post regulary because there is no excuse anymore that I don't have so much time to do it but in the end of this post i would like to say "I love my real life" even i love this cyber world too!
Outside the show (some creations by the designers)

Oh been crazy about cooking series on the tv cable. My last meal was "pigeon backed with potatoes" really like to post it about it. I cooked it for my Mom and my Dad yesterday for our lunch and my brother seems jealous when i tell it so I cook it again with a little different recipe, mixed with bacon and pig fat. I can't wait to taste it. I will post about it later but soon :)

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