September 2, 2010
This my last post again and again!LOL. So this is what happened on Wednesday until today. First I would like to say Happy Birthday to my friend Sarchie!Wish you all the best and thank you for the junk food!LOL. I went to tx class on wednesday just like usual, because i came to early i decided to walking around at EX Plasa Indonesia and searching a pair of glasses made from wood as i seen on local magazine. It was too bad because it's already sold and they will not restock that item again.

The classes on that day not too boring even maybe i'm the youngest girl on that room. But someone really kinf to teach me all about the exercise and i made it!yay! This is the first time that i really enjoy my tax classes. So thi day I've got some new accessories and i love it. It looks the same as i seen on their site. I'm still stuck on online store. Oh and today I went to my campus to meet my lecture and talked about my thesis, i really don;t want talk about it with anyone but i think this is the phase of being on a college, and my lecture want me to change the title of my thesis!hell yeah!! I'll do the best I can do and I hope God with help me.

So I'm still in a bad mood even now getting better since i met my old friend and asked me to join her for Garage Sale Event. So from this post i will like to invite all of you. See the invitation on facebook here! Please save the date and bring the cash :) So, here what i wore that day. It's too late now and i can't see my bloglovin since i'm really tired, so good night.
white top by ysl//grey harem pants by (x)sml//vintage belt//unbranded cropped blazer
hairpiece//apple earrings match with the ring//rottan bag from south africa//red sandals from bangkok
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