September 12, 2010
Eid Mubarak for all of you who celebrate it :)
Yesterday after cleaning the whole house I went to Blitz Megaplex (a cinema). My friend asked me to accompany her to watch Thailand movie. I thought it will be a horror movie since almost all Thai movie in Blitzmegaplex is horror movie. So after browsed it on their official site to check the schedule I choosed to watch it at Grand Indonesia. And viola I went there and almost late so my friend said that the show just started about 10 minutes ago (for your info if you're watching at blitzmegaplex don't worry if you come late because they had 15 minutes ads before the film start) so actually I'm not late!It's because my friend didn't asked them. So we moved to Pasific Place. You think I'm really want to watch this movie?I'm not, it's just because I'm just out and if i don't do anything i feel useless and wasting my time so It's a must watch something even i'm not really into it!LOL
So it's a comedy movie, the tittle is "Hello Stranger". I can't stop laughing when i was watching that movie!It's so funny!and I hope i can go to Korea because of that film,LOL. So the movie's story is about a heartbroken man going to Korea for holiday. It's supposed to be with her girlfriend but his grilfriend dumped him. And there is a girl that really love korean tv series and going to korea to see all those place that has been used for all korean tv series that she like and you can guest it rite?They meet unintentionally,blaa...bla..bla.. it's a simple story and predictable but you must concern about what the man says! He's so annoying, stupid and always says a bad words but he's the best character in this movie. I would say that this is a must seen movie but i prefet to watch it not in a public holiday or weekend since the ticket price really amazing, i mean it'a little bit higher than usual ;)
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