September 22, 2010
Morning everyone. I know I'm such a bad blogger since a nice blogger supposed to be post something regularly. I'm kindda bit busy with my tax exam then yesterday i was hang with my best friend and when i want to delivery a package for my online shop i've got wet because the rain fall down instantly. So i went to bed early about 9.30 pm maybe the good things that I woke up early this morning,yay! Actually today's my number one list is to make a lebel for my stuffs, i mean it's not a label but a tag to put the price.
I've been search it in my town and i can't get it so maybe i will order it from the web (thanks God i live in a modern era) wish me luck to get the best :)

Oh yesterday I watched "Hello Stranger" again, still the best Thailang movie so far. That movie so funny, i still laughed when i saw it for the second time. So everyday i feel happy, i don't know for sure but many goals that i want to reach. Now i feel alive, i feel everything's going well and i can't wait to join an event like bazaar because i want to sell something to get money. Why i always say about the money?It doesn't mean that i can't ask that from my parents but i want a money from my effort without asking someone.

It feels different, it doesn't matter how much you get but you will really appreciate about each penny that you spend. And i don't want to waste even the little chance. So I would like to say thank you to the God that give me this opportunity, i will try everything to make my dreams come true. One of them is to have my own store, my own brand and my own design. Here's the pictures from OLT Grand Opening last Saturday, please enjoy and if you have a time please do visit the store at:
Jl. Mendawai 1 No. 84 (Next to Seba Shoes) Kebayoran Baru - Jakarta Selatan (Indonesia)
Enjoy the pictures :)

the crowd

girls corner


Me with some of Chameleon's stuffs

The Boys section

Girls area again!

We've been bestfriend since we were in high school :)

pictures taken by me
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