September 16, 2010
I woke up this morning then after tons of house keeping job finally i have a time to do net surving. So I continue to check my bloglovin account and finish to read all the new posts that have been added from some of my fave blogger. So I found two great post so far (because i must read about 590 new posts,it's almost a week that I neglect it.

#1 My Favorit blogger Pandora is getting famous by featured as Style Icon for Forever 21 latest campaign. Not only by her self but also with another fashion blogger like Rumi, Kely, and another fashion blogger. So here's Pandora's picture, I grab it directly from her blog. She's the only one franch girl that featured for Forever 21. I really adore her style from the first time I saw her on chictopia and lookbook. She has amazing style!Classsy, Edgy, Preppy and Vintage. She mixed it all and the result just like this. For me her trademark is her bangs and her glasses. So please enjoy the photos reader :)

source: pandora's blog

#2 I saw the latest post from Fashion Chalet and She posted that She met Olivia Palermo at Port 1961. What a lucky girl! I love Olivia Palermo's signature style, why? Because she's different from another fashionable girls even she played on The Hills (I never watch it even I'm a huge fans of Olivia Palermo). I think Blair character from Gossip Girl is inspired by this girl. She's from high society but her face look so humble and she never wore something sexy almost nude things but I will say that the sexy air appear from her body without showing so much. Her style elegant, simple, edgy and timeless. Oh now i can't stop to write about her, maybe next post i will post the great outfit of Olivia Palermo that I found from some of streetstyle's blog. So this picture contains of Olivia Paleromo and the writer of Fashion Chalet.

source: Fahion Chalet's blog
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