September 14, 2010
Finaly I have a long time to write something. So i spent this morning by meeting with my lecture to discuss about my thesis then after i arrived at home I do cleaning my house. I heard something from my Friend and I was surprised because one of our friend was missing at the river in Bengkulu, Indonesia. He went there with some people from his church, when he was going to cross the river, he swam and he was gone by the float. He was missing from yesterday and this noon i heard that he was found dead. I'm feel really sad because we have the same lecture who give us some advise about our thesis beside that this happened really fast! He just passed his assembly about 2 weeks ago. I feel sorry to his girlfriend who is my friend for the first year of my college. I hope the family and his girlfriend tough to face this.

Anyway i went to mini market this noon with my new scooter. Yes!My Mom bought it for us. Yay! I really want scooter like from piaggio, but it's too expensive so i bought something that look similar with that scooter, actualy it's an aoutomatic motor cycle named scoopy. I bought the white one and really happy when i ride it even i don't have any license. I will have it soon! I promise xP
When i was on my way to back home from the mini market, the rain suddenly coming down. I don't care and i just through the rain. I've got wet but happy, it's been a long time that i can feel the rain, the wind and feeling cold. Try it!It will clear your mind, release your problem about a few minutes then take a bath because if you don't you will get sick by the next morning.

Many things happen to this life, sometimes you can predict about it and feel surprise then you feel shock or you feel flat!One thing that i've learn is just pray, release your burdens and get busy. It will change your mood and please take a look your invironment and you will see that you are more blessed than the others!believe me, it works :)
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  1. aisaicha says:

    hello olive i've just found your blog hihihi.
    so sorry to hear that your friend has passed away.
    and congratulation for the new scoopy. it's very cute motorcycle i think hehe.

    p.s i'm following you now :)

  2. Olive says:

    hellow icha
    thank you for coming :)
    i'll follow you back soon.

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