July 29, 2010
This is a giveaway by Evita Nuh from http://jellyjellybeans.blogspot.com

How to join this game?Please follow this rules:
.Tell my which my post that you love the most ( of course other than my giveaway post... hehehe) and tell me why.

2. Tell the world about this giveaway in many many ways, please blogged about this giveaway in your blog, and make sure add the link on your comment so I can read it. And if you tweet, you can tweet about this giveaway too, put this mark #evitanuhgiveaway so it would be easier for me to check, ( and if you do, don't forget to mention it on your comment)

3. And like always, you don't have to follow me or anything. It would be awesome if you do.
But I don't want you to follow me just because you have to, follow me only if you want to.

And for the first comment winner, remember you have to follow the rules or else you'll be eliminated and be replace by the second comment :) And for the other two winner I will choose it in old ways I will read all your comments, go to your blog to see the post. and choose. :D
I will close this giveaway on 1 August 2010, ( so the last date to send a comment is 31 July) and I will announce the winner on 4 August 2010 ( I guess three days is enough time to check all the post ).

That's all I guess, so have fun and get ready to rumble!!!

Follow .Happiness.


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