July 30, 2010

It take a long time since my last post. Lately I've been stucked with my notebook.
I like to check my bloglovin account, so inpiring even I'm too lazy to update my own blog,LOL. So today I went to the mall and bought a black lace top from (x)sml and the teen vogue hand book. This book is really hard to find because when i want to buy it they said that they don't have any stock left. But it's easy to find it at kinokuniya :)

When i arrived at my home, i can't wait to read this book. I read it until i fall asleep in my bed. And what makes me happy this day because finaly i found the black lace cape like this. I bought it without thinking anymore. I also found a nice little backless black dress in lace detail, i want to buy it but i know that i don't need it so before my mom will angry with me if i buy something that i don't really need it, i must say that i only try on it and waiting for the sale event to buy it :)

Something that i really want so bad beside the lace cape is drappery skrit!I never find the perfect skirt that really fit me in :(
Still searching the right one and the cheapest one. Do you think that i can find it on thrifed store in my town?who knows?LOL

Because i've seen that so many street style's blog show that lately people are going to be crazy about harem pants, i choosed harem pants as my daily outfit mixed it with a loose jacket and brown oxford shoes and satchel bag.I think i look like a man in this outfit. I felt drown into this outfit even i like it very much, i don't care if people staring at me and see my pretty odd style,LOL
ysl white top//grey harem pants from (x)sml//vintage braids belt//trifted nude outer//handmade rings// nude watch from fossil//satchel bag "pak pos" from celepuk Indonesia//Brownie Oxford Shoes from Gin&Tonic

#End this day with some shoots for my online store and i will update it soon :)

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