June 26, 2010
The label of "méchant bébé" means “bad baby” in French,. "méchant" indicates a pursuit of uniqueness and variety. We wish to create a most interesting thing rather than those conservative one!
The word "bébé" shows the concept of pure and independent soul, and expresses our inner thought to share value of our experience from the life and the world which are the most important things to us. Therefore, the inspiration of creation always takes from designers’ favorite stuff. “We got some power from those beloved, and transform it into our design ”

With spirit of variety, humor and innocence, every collection will be launched in the form of project irregularly. Since "méchant bébé" takes a flexible and whimsical way of creation, not only garments but also accessories and vintage remaking are what we will try to do. The use of sumptuous fabrics﹑100% hand crafted with very limited amount or production (some item will even be one of a kind !), "méchant bébé" just aims for making an enchanted world for those who enjoy to dream and are dying for unique beauty.

"méchant bébé" is established by a team who used to be the stylist, fashion editor and graphic designer with the most avant-garde view of fashion.
Once you join this delightful feast with ideas of mix and match, it would be lasting endlessly!
Price start from 150 USD - 750 USD. Check out their online store here!

I've got this link from Susie Bubble's blog but all the pictures are from "méchant bébé" site
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