June 26, 2010
Jessica Dance is a highly creative designer who specialises in creating handmade accessories, sets and props. Tactility is an aesthetic that runs throughout Jessica’s work; by combining modern fabrics and paper craft with traditional handcraft techniques, she creates multi-dimensional sets and accessories, which invite people to touch, engage with and respond to. Working as freelancer designer Jessica designs across the board, her playful creations are constantly being introduced into realms, such as fashion, advertising, music and soft furnishhings, to name but a few.

Jessica Dance also part of multidiciplinary creative duo with Robert Francis Muller, going under the name ‘Get Mullerd And Dance’. They create extraordinary three-dimensional installations; combining their backgrounds in Graphics and Fashion they produce truly unique scenes.

About Robert Francis Muller: Hello, I am a Moving Image maker (both live action and animation), a Graphic Designer, occasional Illustrator and Music Producer/DJ.
I have a genuine love for what I do, I challenge preconceptions of "normal" ways of working in order to explore and discover the new.
I am currently looking for representation, my work lends itself to TV idents and commercials, virals, music promos, title sequences and short films. I've worked for some big name brands and cool independent start ups, having gained a high level of experience in graphic design during the past six years on my previous career path.
I'm now focusing my efforts on moving image and combining my imagination with a variety of skills to create interesting and inspiring work, not fixed to a style or genre.
Check their page "Get Mullerd and Dance"

#Susie Bubble in one of Jessica Dance collection

Jessica says: I lovingly create each and every accessoriy with my own fair hands, priding my self upon thefact that each of my accessories are completely unique, allowing me to create extraordinary statement pieces.
For more details about this piece, please check out her Etsy Shop here!

#Dance previous work
source: Style Bubble Site//Get Mullerd and Dance//Jessica Dance Site//Dance Etsy Shop
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