May 1, 2010

source: Stockholm Street Style

Found this picture from weheartit (lately I always access this site and have been my inspiring site till this day), I have a lace dress look a like this one. But my dress mix with cotton material and it’s a mini dress, I think it’s too mini since people in my town will stare at me when I wear that dress. So I must mix it with leggings or tights and I love how this girl in the picture wear her lace dress combine with leather pants and fur jacket. I can’t wear fur jacket since I don’t have it either and the weather is so hot in this town. But maybe I will mix it with my black tights and my black blazer. Oh I can’t wait to wear it tomorrow.

I think winter is coming out there but in my town the weather getting hot day by day. Everybody sent me bbm, told that we can’t wear black outfit from now on because the weather not really good. Believe it or not I feel black is my favourite color lately and I want to wear black outfit as much as I can. But maybe there is another option like nude color, because everytime I do browsing for fashion blogs I always see people wrote about nude outfit and I think it will be the latest trend.

I’ve been flattering local brand lately, even the price is higher than another mass brand like zara,mng,topshop,etc. But buying a local brand can help to make their creativity survive and make them to keep produce and make that brand long lasting in this world. Now I must save my money to purchase those pieces. By the way I keep trying to do my best for my thesis, since I ‘m still confuse to do with it. Even I have a chance to have a new degree this year but I want to have my own time to know my self more for get a great job that I love, I mean a job that I like and I love to do for hours even I’m not really good at it. Just wish me luck :)



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