April 20, 2010

source: weheartit

I'm feeling well now even still have cold a little bit.
At least i do my assignment even it's for next week and study for a hour.
The rest of my day, I spent it with sleep.
Long time not touch this fancy world, i take a look weheartit site and found a couple nice picture.
This is not a best picture but I'm still curious about the see through things.
I think see through it's not about to show your body or make you look sexy.
I think this pieces make you look adorable and fierce.
For me those see through material are fancy, rite?
Many things to do now, so catch ya all later :)



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  1. rouli says:

    very cool post!!!!!!!

    great blog u have!!!!!!!

    lovely outfits i noticed!!!!!!

    come visit me..if u want..!!!!!!



  2. Olive says:

    thank you for coming :)
    i will visit you back.

  3. deekkyy says:

    good blog...
    visit my blog please...

  4. Olive says:

    Thank you Deekkyy :D
    I will visit yours.

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