April 26, 2010


Hello again :)
Actually I don't have enough time to do this things anymore. I do love blogging but sometimes blogwalking is possible to do than write a blog, beside that lately i don't in the mood to play dress up since i broke my wardrobe!Yeah i don't know why my wardrobe was broken, the slider fall down and the glass was broken now i need to fix it by my self. Thanks God that i cover that slider with a thousand of pictures but now i need more picture. I've got this picture from weheartit site and why i choose this picture?Because i think have a passion in photography, i had read a book, writen by Indonesian head hunter and its very inspiring me so he wrote that passion isn;t something that you good at it but it's something that make you happy to do it, have a heart to learn it and never fell boring to do it in a million of hours. Maybe this isn't an ordinary things because my dreams was not being a rich girl since i'm only an ordinary girl. I want more than that, i want to try to be a shopkeeper to make a contact with what we called customer, to reach their heart, to know what they want and what they need because one day I wish i can have my own store with a great customer service, that i want to be a barista to have an experience how to make a great coffee even i'm not a huge fan of coffee, the most important things that even i wan to work as a career women because i need to save a money for traveling. Most of people on my age have the same dream as mine but they prefer to choose another country beside my country. I know it sounds conventional but i prefer domestic areas than foreign country, it's not because i don't want to but i feel poor if i don't know the heritage of my own country.

I know there is a lot place in this country that we can see and those place are beautiful. But not much people in this country really care about it and believe me that place has been hidden for thousand years and been isolated because nobody one to see them. And another my wild think is oneday i want to fishing, i want to feel "strike" that what they said when they've got a big fish, and it's not easy to catch a yellowfin tuna. So this is what i'm thinking now even i'm in the middle of mid test but i love to share this thoughts. What a lovely monday, rite?I spent this day by dropped my Dad to his hydro therapy's place and my Mom came with us too. We had a laugh and nice conversation specially with My Mom. She thought that I'm still her little girl but she said i'm smart enough but only need more effort to make all my dreams come true :D


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