March 22, 2010
Sunday is the perfect day to be a lazy person,lol. In my last Sunday I went to get Rene's Book. He worked as headhunter or Career Coach. You must buy his books! The book really really inspiring you to be a great person. The title is "Your job is not your career" Why?I've been read about this books and he will share with us that career is different from something that we called a job. I think career is the reflection of our life, we can do anything to make a great track record in this field that we called career. When we talked about a job, we can't talk that a job is part of you. It belongs to the company that pay you every month. The point is about your passion. It's not easy to find your passion because it's not about your hobby, it's something that you love to do and you never get bored to do that things. From this book i know that i want to try anything, anykind of jobs that possible to take me to find my passion, maybe fashion?who knows?Because he said that passion is not always something that you look good at, it's about something that you love or like to do and can't live without doing it everyday maybe every second. I know it's being too much or weird,lol. :)

What I Wore:
Oneandahalf's nude sweater; Retail Therapy's sequin mini skirts; Black studded earrings from Buddy; F21 pearls and stars earrings; Casio Gold Watch; Unbranded tights; Ciciero's Studded Clutch and Mango's Black Platforms.



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