February 10, 2010
What a beautiful morning!
Yesterday I was not well, so i skip all my classes. But I went to campus to meet my lecture and had a lunch with my buddy. After those campus activities, we moved to Plaza Senayan. The weather not really in to me, because it was so hot outside. We had lunch at sushi tei, my buddy's fave restaurant. I think someone was very hungry,lol. By the way, i like to share about something that I've learnt from my buddy. Be nice to all people around you, i really mean it!I mean not only a people who has a great position. Maybe they not help you much at this moment but I'm sure that oneday you will need their help.

I will give an example, just a little one. My buddy always be nice to the chef in this restaurant and what she's got?If she order something, they will give them extraordinary portion. I called her "Remarkable Customer". You can try it by yourself. My buddy ordered salmon hand roll and she got a thick salmon slices and a japanesse shrimp (for free)! After that we moved to my fave place Kinokuniya bookstore. I don't know why but for me this place very comfortable, i felt like home.

The lightning, the bookshelfs, the cashier look good. I found this book, the title is "Land of Water". Even i lived in Indonesia since i was born but actually i never had a tour to visit a great place in this country. This book and the picture inside it make me wanna go to see it by my self. I gotta go to arrange my holiday and fulfill all the regulations. Wish me luck and i hope there is no traffic jam today, even the place that i want to visit near from my house *sigh :(

Yesterday i have changed the position of each things in my room and i'm so happy with the result because my room look bigger than before. My brother told me that he learnt about how to manage your things in your room to make it look different but he forgot the name. Sometimes i feel bored with my room so to handle it i just moved all the things around me. I think my Mom right that I put too much things on my room, it's look full and makes me not comfortable. Maybe it's time to remove those old things, specially my old clothes and old shoes. Oh and now i don't have any space to keep my shoes because i love to keep it with the shoebox to make it timeless.



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