February 11, 2010

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Have you ever thinking about the purpose of your life? Someone said “If we don’t have at least one reason to life then we better die”. I know it sounds a little bit sarcasm but it’s real. When i was a kid, the way of my thinking is so easy, i think life is so easy, i can get all i want, everyday i felt happy even some of my friend asked me “You never look upset, don’t you ever have a problem?” it sounds silly, rite?Everybody has a problem, but i think when people think too much then the problem will come to you in a rush.

I believe that God will give you a problem in a perfect time even you think the opposite. Speaking about the purpose of my life, actually i’m not quite sure about it. Purpose of life means the things that make you happy or i called it happiness, i think it’s the same meaning. For most of people around me thinking that their purpose of life is focus on material, they want to be reach, who don’t?But do you realized, when you’ve got what you want, when you have a lot of money, then what?You never feel satisfied.!Do you feel happy?

I don’t think so. Even you can use that money to have a holiday in Bora-Bora, then when you come back, you feel noting, it’s like common things, nothing special because maybe you can go back again since you had a lot of money rite?Everything needs money, but money is not everything. It sounds cliche but i believe it with all my heart. My little dreams are to have a small family, being a great Mom, have a great job like i can have my own store because I don’t want to be a slave of work ethic, working as a career woman takes 8-10hours behind desk is so boring!

Beside that you can’t see your child growing up and fullfill the obligation for being a mother for your child, at least i need a job that can give me a flexible time of work. But in my wildest dream, the purpose of my life is to see this universe, i want to go traveling around the world, seeing other nice people, learn their culture from their common habit, their clothes, their cultures, to learn why God create this world and find the meaning of happiness for myself. I believe if I do this, i will die in peace.


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