January 30, 2010
This is my 3rd posts for today. Not too many story that I want to share for this day but I must to write about something that happened this day. Something that I can share maybe can help you to be a better person. I know nobody is perfect but at least everybody wants to be a nice person, rite?

I don't know why but this drama just came again to my life. Getting older is something that I hate so much, why?Because I usedt to be happy when i was a kid, I don't think to much so i can feel something that we called 'Happiness'. Dealing with a people is something hard to do, specialy when you deal with someone that unproper. I wish i can wrote a bad words here but I remember my resolution in 2010 to be a better person so I will wrote the whole story in a proper words.

I just got shoked about someone! I really found that nobody's perfect even they think they are perfect. Do you realize or not you've got busted man!Some people already known that you are not as cool as what they have been thinking before. Now you look bad and because this things happened I don't think i can see you anymore because I will get sick.

Have you read about psychology's book?Dan't be silly when you find people trying nice to you doesn't mean that she or he likes you!It's a silly thought i have been heard! My new moto "Act like a lady, Think like a man" but why I found people do the opposite? "Think like a lady and act like a man"?omg this universe getting crazy day by day. I don't know what to say now, I'm speechless because in my house i never found someone like this even my brother never do that.

Please don't act like that anymore!Because believe me, everybody will hate you! It's good to see that people proud about them self it means you have self recpect but please think again before you release what you thought wisely. It's useless when you act like a man but think like a lady. Everybody will laugh at you just like what I've done this morning, maybe i can share this to my brother, I believe he will scream out and say "eeeewwwww!He is not a boy!Boy never do that!so silly!" but he knows this person, so as a nice girl i think i will not tell him.

What came this morning?Yep my last purchases for this month. There are a pair of ballet shoes in black and a transparent umbrella. I can't wait to have a pic with my new umbrella (by the way it's like Rihana's song,lol). Oh just wanna say that this flats really comfy, i know it's bored to have a pair of black shoes but as a good shopper this is what i want and what i need a new black flats and finally I've got it, thanks God :)

This morning I dropped my brother for his english class then I bought a new edition of Girlfriend mags. I really love it! It's worth to buy! This month issue is "Boys issue" why this is must buy item?Because inside this mags you will find a masculine style and boys are allowed to read it!Hey boys it's important to have a daddy style than a weird style because gilrs will love it, they will be proud to go out with you!so be dress up but as long as suitable with your age. Beside that you can see from the cover that stripes is in the air!Yup and I love it! So lets buy anything in stripes pattern! :)

At noon i was searched wheelchair for my Dad. For your information tomorrow my Dad will coming back home!Yeaahhh! I can't wait for tomorrow! While i was in Cilandak Townsquare searching the wheelchair for my Dad I feel dry so i bought the pistachio ice cream from Baskin&Robbins my fave brand. This ice cream really made my day! Now I'm the expert to find something like medical stuffs in my town, If you need one just contact me, I will happy to share the address and I know for sure the feeling when you have Dad or Mom that already stayed for a long time in hospital. In this case i realized, even we do exercise or eating only healty food it doesn't mean you will not get a bad sickness so stay healty as long as you can from now on before is too late! Just put this goal as your 2010 resolution just like me.

So I end up my day had a talk with my Dad and my Brother in hospital. This is really a great quality time as a family. Where is my Mom?She was on a plan from Palembang because my cousin's got merried and now she's on her way to back home. I hope i can sleep well tonight because I'm too excited to face the next day, the day that my Dad will coming home and we can have our tal together as a family in our lovely spot, backyard. Dreaming about it makes me wanna cry now, lol.



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