January 31, 2010

Fabulous Sunday in 2010. This day is very special because today my Dad is coming home.
I woke up this morning with a huge smile and I already prepared my outfit for this day. Since I'm getting crazy of stripes pattern, so I wore a skirt in this pattern. The new thing is my transparent umbrella and I love to have my sunday's outfit picture with it. Oh and what am i doing with it?Make a braids bangs, yeah it's like a little experiment but it works.

After church service me, my Mom and my Brother moved to bakery store and bougth some cake for this special day, then we moved to buy some fish named "Arsik" in bahasa. It's a gold fish with very special seasoning and it taste yummy! Then we picked my Dad at hospital, it's good to see that He very comfortable on my way back home. I drove my car very carefully at that moment. Some relatives was came, only a view from my Dad's clan.

So happy when I saw his face that He really missed our house so bad. He checked our animals like birds, dog, and fish. I spent the rest of this day by laughing, talking and sleeping with whole family. My caousins and my nephew was came and they made my day. I really enjoy that time. The time was missing when my Dad stayed at hospital. Now it's back. Next day I'm sure that we will have a lunch (if it's possible) and dinner together as usual.

*This is my Dad and my nephew named Naomi and the last picture was my dinner meal, yeah full of fat for this day and I don't care because I'm so happy :)

What I Wore:

Black simple top from trf zara; Stripes skirt by tailor made; unbranded black tights, vintage silk colar blazer; Black platform by MNG;Pearl earrings by F21; Pear necklace belongs to my Mom; Pearl bracelet is a gifl from my auntie; Casio watch; Studded bag by ciciero and Transparent umbrella from local online store.


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2 sveet comments

  1. Michelle says:

    Hello, I think I got the same skirt, if i'm not mistaken it's sugar fox's? hehe correct me if i'm wrong, cos it looks similar, jarak stripenya khas gt :D

    Btw, payungnya lucu ;D

  2. Livioso says:

    Yup, it was from sugar fox. I love their skirt collections because the pattern very unique :)


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